ReRouteMe - Use ReRouteMe’s free commute planning application to travel faster and smarter. You’ll miss traffic! Whether you’re driving, busing, taking the taxi, cycling or walking, ReRouteMe will help you avoid construction, accidents and traffic congestion on your commute. ESRB E en-US All: All Route Optimization Free commute planning application to travel faster and smarter. You’ll miss traffic!
"Cool app!" by , Written on It gave me a new route to work that saved me quite a bit of time.
Our Team

Abed Saab

Abed Saab, co-founder and CEO of Rhexia Inc., always battled inefficiency wherever he found it. After a local bus strike left him and hundreds of others sitting in traffic and seeing red day after day, Abed began to scrutinize traffic reports and route options hoping to shorten his commute. Frustrated with the limited scope of commute planning websites he used, Abed drew on his 13 years of experience as an IT entrepreneur to create, an interactive, intuitive and user-friendly Web 2.0 application.

Pierre Lermusieaux

Pierre Lermusieaux, co-founder and COO of Rhexia Inc., believes vision and strategic planning are the keys to success. A renowned Geographic Information Systems (GIS) expert, Pierre has been working in the field for 20 years—including the last eight as CEO of his own firm, Earth-To-Map GIS Inc. Pierre’s “top-down” approach to his work was instrumental in making a reality.

Fabien Ancelin

Fabien gets excited about new challenges, particularly when the results will benefit many people around him. Applying GIS technology and data analysis to transportation issues is no small feat, but his enthusiasm and experience is equal to it. Fabian’s background as a GIS analyst and developer made him an ideal candidate to join the team at Rhexia, Inc.

Jessica Rousseau

Jessica Rousseau is passionate about the integration of usability and beautiful design. She combines her abilities as a graphic designer and user interface designer to make the ReRouteMe pleasing to look at and to use.

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