ReRouteMe - Use ReRouteMe’s free commute planning application to travel faster and smarter. You’ll miss traffic! Whether you’re driving, busing, taking the taxi, cycling or walking, ReRouteMe will help you avoid construction, accidents and traffic congestion on your commute. ESRB E en-US All: All Route Optimization Free commute planning application to travel faster and smarter. You’ll miss traffic!
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None of this would be possible without the amazing efforts of the following organizations and their support communities. We are inspired by their unflagging devotion and contributions in creating free data-sharing.

The National Capital Commision

Get information on events, transportation, and available facilities and services for Canada day. Join the celebration that starts at 9 am and goes all day. Don’t miss the highlight of the celebrations, the evening show of fireworks over Parliament Hill!

Open Data Ottawa

We’re a small group of citizens who thought it would be neat to throw parties where everyone walks away having made something with public data that somehow betters their own city.

Land Information Ontario

Through partnerships and collaboration, Land Information Ontario (LIO) manages key provincial datasets. LIO makes these and hundreds of other data sets available to registered users at no charge. LIO also coordinates public and private sector organizations to collect high resolution satellite imagery for Ontario providing significant cost savings for all partners.

Open Street Map

Open Street Map is a free worldwide map, created by people like you. The data is free to download and use under its open license. Create a user account to improve the map.


GeoBase is a federal, provincial and territorial government initiative that is overseen by the Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG). It is undertaken to ensure the provision of, and access to, a common, up-to-date and maintained base of quality geospatial data for all of Canada.

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