ReRouteMe - Use ReRouteMe’s free commute planning application to travel faster and smarter. You’ll miss traffic! Whether you’re driving, busing, taking the taxi, cycling or walking, ReRouteMe will help you avoid construction, accidents and traffic congestion on your commute. ESRB E en-US All: All Route Optimization Free commute planning application to travel faster and smarter. You’ll miss traffic!
"Cool app!" by , Written on It gave me a new route to work that saved me quite a bit of time.

Rhexia Incorporated: Putting geographic information at your fingertips

Founded in March 2010 by Abed Saab and Pierre Lermusieaux, Rhexia Inc. designs and develops Geographic Information Systems (GIS) aimed at improving how people interact with the world around them.

The two founders have a combined 30 years of experience in IT and GIS and have worked together on several high-profile IT/GIS projects. Rhexia Inc. is managed directly by Abed, CEO, and Pierre, COO, who hold equal shares in the company.

Use ReRouteMe to dodge construction pylons and steer clear of traffic jams on your commute

ReRouteMe provides free travel planning to users, encouraging local residents to take advantage of travel planning options designed for Ottawa and their favourite mode of transportation. ReRouteMe has a focus on local data and fast updates, in order to provide the simplest, quickest route, accounting for traffic, construction, and weather. Whether you are a regular commuter or infrequent traveller, ReRouteMe is the best way to navigate the city. ReRouteMe is currently available in Ottawa and will soon be available in major Canadian cities.

ReRouteMe also helps to promote fuel economy, cost efficiency, and environmental living with personalized calendars, cost estimators and emissions monitors. ReRouteMe also includes features such as updates to members to inform them of complications with their planned route, while providing alternate directions.

Using ReRouteMe’s free commute planning application helps you travel faster and smarter. You’ll miss traffic!

Advertise your business on ReRouteMe and get people on the path to your business

Looking to improve your business’s visibility? By advertising on ReRouteMe, you can raise your public profile and spread awareness of your business or service. Due to the local nature of ReRouteMe, we can guarantee that your business will be seen by potential customers in your area, not people on the other side of the country. You can choose to promote an event or plan for longer-term visibility, these are all options on ReRouteMe.

Make your business a stop along the way with a POI icon

ReRouteMe developed innovative routing options, including an option that allows users to see “points of interests” around their route. This allows users to do their necessary stopover while minimizing deviation from their commute course. Advertise with a Point Of Interest icon and put your business on the map—literally and along the daily commuters’ routes. Your business will have its own unique icon showing your location(s) on the map. Users can click on the icon to see what your business is all about, your hours, and a link to your website. By providing us with the addresses of your branches, our experienced team will digitize these locations onto the map, making them easily accessible to our users.

A POI icon can also be used to promote local festivals and events. The POI icon simultaneously raises the profile of your business and shows your exact locations, leaving a lasting impression.

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